Slot Machine Strategies To Learn And Use

While there is truth in the fact there is no real way players can influence the outcome of spins on a slot machine, there are basic guidelines you can use to improve your overall chances of winning while playing online slot machines or slot machines at a land based casino.

Slot Machine Strategies To Use

  1. Know The Game: Before you even think about putting your money into a slot machine, it's important you know the game you're about to play. You should be familiar with the payouts, the symbols and other aspects of the game before you play. With various slot machines being on the market with completely different features and modes of play, it's vital you do your homework before sitting down at a machine. Machines usually have basic rules posted on the screen or areas where you can access rules of play easily.

  2. Set Limits For Yourself: There are two types of limits to set for yourself before sitting down to play. Once you set these limits, do not change them or you'll give yourself a worse chance of winning. First, be sure to set an overall loss limit which will include the amount you are comfortable losing. When you're at that limit, walk away no matter what. Second, set a "spin with no payoff limit" which might be ten spins or less. This means if you sit at a machine that doesn't pay you anything at all in ten spins or less, move machines. Looking for machines with the highest payout percentages is important. Remember, slot machines are never "prime to hit" as each spin is randomly generated and not on a time schedule of any type.

  3. Take Your Cash: Be sure you always collect your winnings before changing machines. This seems simple enough but it happens all too often. In addition, it might be a good idea to wait until the machine registers your winnings before spinning again. Some machines can get bogged down and if you push the spin button too soon it can miscalculate your winnings.

  4. Always Have Fun: The entire point of playing online casino games or slots is to enjoy yourself. The experience can be thrilling and even profitable but overall it should be enjoyable. If you're not enjoying yourself, be sure to walk away. Sometimes you may get frustrated and need only a short break and other times it's best to quit for the day.

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