Super Slots

Super slots apart from being the name of a leading casino where you can find great slots games and other online casino games, is also a very apt foreword for slots. Slots really are totally SUPER if you think about what they are, how they perform and of course the potential to win that they give.

Advanced and Modern Slots

Slots online are much more than the original slots machine which was invented in the back of a garage all those years ago. The Liberty Bell which is the original slots machine was made up of spinning drums and the player had to pull a lever, depending on where the drums came to rest would determine not only the win but also the amount that the player would win. Today slots are a much more elaborate and complex version of this original spinning drum machine. Today's slots are made up of reels, ranging from 3 reels to 5 reels and even now 7 reels for some games. The reels are spun at a total random pace and are controlled by what is called a random number generator. This basically means that the where and when the reels come to rest are totally random and the games are based on luck.

Luck and Clicks for Super Slots

The luck of slots is another winning factor for these games. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you don't actually have to put a lot of effort into playing the game. All that is needed is a bankroll and the ability to move the mouse and click in the right places. Although slots games are becoming more complex and some with stories and strategies to apply, most are in fact simple games that do not involve too much thinking and concentration. Slots can be played by any level player whether you have never played before or are an experienced player, there is something for everyone. In addition players with every level of budget can play, whether you have a lot of money to spend or a very tight bankroll, there is always a game that you can find and play.

Bonus, Loyalty and Tournaments with Super Slots

Playing slots at the right casinos and slots houses also gives you the chance to take part in some of the amazing bonus schemes that they offer, from special introductory offers to ongoing loyalty clubs and weekly bonuses for special players. Many of the leading online casinos now offer slots tournaments where you can enter for free and work your way up to the Grande finale where there is often plenty of exciting wins to gain or you can buy your way into a tournament. Either way, the tournaments are a great low cost way to play slots with the chance of some great wins and prizes. There is no wonder that slots are thought of to be super, they offer everything you could wish for and even more. Don't forget that you also get the online help from casinos and some even offer live chat where you can get immediate answers to any queries you may have. Playing super slots is totally super for you and hopefully for your winning account.